Because we are commanded of the Lord to educate and train our children, the governing Body of The Answer Center Church of God instituted a Day School program, THE ANSWER CENTER CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, as a part of its growing ministries.

For the sake of our Parents and single Heads of households, the Church has always tried to hold its Tuition and Fees to a bare minimum. Although the Academy is run like a business out of necessity, we consider it very much a ministry.

Comprehensive & Challenging

An Answer Center Christian Academy (ACCA) education is one of which to be proud. Our curriculum is broad, comprehensive, and designed to develop students to their full potential. ACCA uses Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum in which every subject is Christian oriented.

Our curriculum prepares our students for college. Many of our graduates have gone on to further their education. We have alumni that are pastors, evangelists, doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers, singers, youth directors, music directors, and many other professions. We are proud of our students and our graduates.

School is a great place to learn about Jesus!!

Come and see for yourself what God is doing in Norcross, Georgia

Feel free to give us a call at 770-449-9484.